Looking for an alternative to a golf course on the Central Coast?

FOREplay Golf is the Central Coast’s premier indoor golf venue. Using state of the art golf simulator technology, FOREplay Golf provides an experience that feels truly real. Our technology immerses you into some of the best golf courses in the world, opening up a rich and authentic golfing experience, while allowing you to enjoy the indoor comforts of a licensed lounge bar.

With such sophisticated equipment, players at all levels can drill down into their swing, adding yards to drives, control to irons, and reducing shots played across the course.

At FOREplay Golf, we have 2 goals. Firstly, we want to make golf accessible to new players who would like to get a feel for the game without the pressure of teeing up on a real course.

Secondly, we want to offer a venue where the aspiring golfer and genuine professional can rack up shots in a controlled, and accurately simulated environment to significantly improve their game.

Of course, our biggest desire is that friends and family can get active and have fun!